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Client Testimonials

Hands down the best!  I started my own small business doing Lash Extentions, with that being said its me doing it all!  I have limited space in my salon and no time to fine tune the small details, well Lisa came as a referral and saved me!  Not only is she talented her sweet disposition makes you feel like a long time friend!  She organized my drawers and closets, let me choose from different decor and made my work space functional and beautiful!  It's been a couple of months since and I'm still organized!!!  Thank you Lisa!  I highly recommend her! JS

Organizing and cleaning my garage was overwhelming to me.  I didn't know where to start so I called Southern Hospitality Organizing.  Lisa had a lot of great ideas.  She was punctual, hard working and did a great job!  The garage looks fantastic.  LB

Lisa helped me organize my bathroom and kitchen and I hope to get her back for the rest of my house soon!  One of the most helpful things she told me was "everything has its place."  I know it's a simple statement and sounds like common sense however, everything did not have its place in my bathroom and kitchen!  Now that it does, I can see when I need to get more of something and when I have plenty of an item.  I've kept up with the organiztion and it's made my life so much less stressful!  I can actually tell my husband or son EXACTLY where something is because "everything has its place" and is put in it!

I have also stopped over-stocking and only buy a few of the things we regularly use.  It doesn't save me money or time overall to over-stock at a sale.  The peace I have by having an organized space is worth all the money in the world to me!!

Lisa has great and simple ideas that are easy to put in to action.  She is so patience and encouraging and is a real joy to work with and be around in general.  I'm so thankful she shared her gift of organizing with me.  I know she will be a blessing to you too!  KB

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