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Organizing Tips

Starting Any Organizing Project
  1. When starting an organizing project think about how you are going to use the space?  

  2. Go through items and sort: trash/recycle, give away/donate, keep, relocate. When going through items check dates on food items, try on clothes if you are not sure, if item is damaged, can it be fixed?, if so take it to a tailor, if not throw it away or donate it.  Also a good time to see if you have too many of an item.

  3. Place items together that go together

  4. Look at area and decide where the best place to store items-place them in an order

  5. Then if you need storage bins, dividers, baskets, hangers etc. measure area and items 

  6. Look for items you like the look of and that will fit (sometime you go out and buy these items first and they don't fit or work or you find you don't even need them once you've gone through everything

Time Management 

  1. Only use one form of a planner- use computer/phone or physical paper planner

  2. Don't over plan your day-even if you have personal errands add it to your daily plan.

  3. Don't make separate list

  4. Layer activities-needing to spend time with friends but need to clean-talk with friends/family while cleaning, want to learn a new language-listen to cd while driving to work.

Bring paper or items into your home
  1. When bring paper into the home (mail, work or items in your bag or purse) have a place you go through it- 

  2. Have a binder, file, drawer or bin that you place coupons,taxes, bills, to do (calls you need to make, appointments, call about a bill etc.).  Place items in there proper homes.

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